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Texas HOT Jobs- www.texashotjobs.orgDevelopment Focus

Developed with a two-year grant from the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board and in coordination with the
Texas Tech Health Sciences Center &
the West Texas Area Health Education Center.

The Texas HOT Jobs website ( provides information on 90 health careers in Texas, including job descriptions,
outlook, salary, education opportunities and licensure information.

It includes information to help career seekers and their families explore
health career options, prepare for careers, and navigate the education process after high school.

The website is available in Spanish, and also offers interactive tools that incorporate video and other media to help students, particularly those who may not have direct access to health professional role models, with their health career preparation needs.

There is also a section devoted to educators, including curricular content to support teachers and counselors' work with students in career exploration and health career development.

   Lubbock Avalanche Journal

   United States Department of Labor

   Webcast of demonstration to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board

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